Featherlite Guitars


In the Beginning
 I have been mentored by some of the best in the indusrty. Luthiers and instructors who have paid their dues in the trenches of early Taylor days and the school shop...
My guitars have won numerous awards in local and international competitions. I have donated both repair time and instruments to programs, projects and people that matter to me. 
Quality Builds and Repair
Let's set an appointment and discuss it
Your needs and desires aren't often going to be easily articulated over the phone or online. Let's schedule a time to review your repair, or discuss your vision.
  1. 1
    My wood selection gives you an opportunity to delve into some hand-picked beauty.
  2. 2
    The palate is yours. Choose from a wide variety of materials from shell and stone, to metals and veneers.
  3. 3
    Set up
    Finger stye, Rhythum or flat picking. Neck width and shape all come together during the build. Retrofit your existing guitar with a neck reshape
  4. 4
    Period materials are used on all repairs. I have a good stock of seasoned material for patch work and bracing. New tops, fretboards, electronics....we can handle most of your needs
  1. New Builds
    New Builds
    An acoustic guitar built to your specifications.
  2. Repair/Refinish
    "We are not the owners of the instruments, but their caretakers for some time...."
  3. Why Featherlite?
    Why Featherlite?
    'Cause it's done with care.... As a player and a luthier, I know how you feel about that favorite axe you play, and the one you'd love to own.....or your damaged baby.....
Feed Your Soul
Let's build YOUR Featherlite ...........!